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Eric McLendon is a glass blower working with traditional and contemporary forms. He expresses his vision through a bold and sweeping use of color and fluidity of form.  His work  interprets the rich traditions of glassblowing with an eye toward contemporary design. He has an intrinsic connection when working with the glass  and skillfully allows the hidden forms to emerge,  expressing their true radiance and beauty.  Every piece is truly one of a kind.

“I first saw glass blowing in college. I was impressed and I’ve pursued it ever since. I think working hot glass is great because it is fast and lively as well as disciplined and dangerous. It can be spontaneous and free or refined and technical. I always try to imagine a glass piece that is so balanced and agreeable that I would wish to live a lifetime with it. I try to make pieces as beautiful as I can. I always have a primal response to functional forms which I think is partly innate and partly historically significant. “ Artist, Eric McLendon

Eric graduated from  Hartwick College with a degree  in studio arts, and has studied at the Pilchuck School, the Penland School of Crafts,  and the Appalachian Craft Center.  He has shown his work  in galleries around the United States  and is currently the sole proprietor and working artist at EGlass  Studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

EGlass Studio is a privately owned  studio specializing in hand-blown glass  that is both decorative and functional.

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