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Wayne Apgar started blacksmithing in 1997. Stopping at a small blacksmith shop in Kintnersville, PA, Wayne watched blacksmith Gerald Biresch for several hours.

“Watching him change the shape of hot metal with hammer and anvil was very interesting. I started reading books on blacksmithing and going to demos of local blacksmiths and I knew I wanted to have my own shop. I was fortunate to find an abandoned blacksmith shop on a farm where a friend was renting. Everything I needed was all in one place: forge, anvil, tongs, hammers, and other assorted blacksmith items. I decided to utilize the stone foundation under my three-car-garage as my shop. I started out making simple things: hooks, plant hangers, small bracelets, etc.” Artist, Wayne Apgar
“A client told me about a craft school she went to in Farmington, PA called Touchstone Center for the Crafts. The blacksmith teacher was Dr. Bob Becker from Oxford, Michigan. I attended my first class there in 1998 and took week-long classes under Dr. Bob every year for ten years. I usually take two week-long classes a year. Some of the other instructors I’ve studied under are Charlie Orlando, Peter Happaney, Tom Laten√©, Richard Sheppard, and Ray Rybar, learning different techniques and skills every year.” Artist, Wayne Apgar
“I am a current member of MASA (Mid-Atlantic Smiths Association) and ABANA (Artist Blacksmith Association of North America) and a former member of PABA (Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmith Association and SOFA (Southern Ohio Forge Association). As time went on, I started making bigger items: gates, mirror frames, tables, candelabras, railings, door hardware, etc. Through the formal training I received and the commission of several hundred pieces, I am able to forge most anything small to large.”
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